Adhan, or the call to prayer, echoed through the medieval Krak des Chevaliers in Syria (video)

Adhan, or the call to prayer, echoed through the medieval Krak des Chevaliers in Syria (video)

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The story

As we walked with the group, we marveled at the well-preserved fortress, standing strong amidst the destruction of the surrounding houses and neighborhoods. Jumping over walls and navigating through the labyrinth of the fortress, we eventually entered a small church with remarkable frescoes and exceptional acoustics. It was here that our guide decided to perform the adhan for us.

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The adhan, traditionally recited by a muezzin from a minaret, is the first Islamic call to prayer. It summons Muslims to enter the mosque for obligatory prayers. A second call, known as the iqamah, then signals those already in the mosque to line up for prayer.

The experience was truly magnificent and majestic.

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