Purchasing a Story or Publication

Purchasing a Story or Publication

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If you find a link to "Purchasing a Story or Publication" on a page within this website, it means that the publication is for sale as a single unit. This includes the text, photos, videos, or music (if available) as one full publication that you can use on your website, magazine (print or online), or other platforms.

Note: Some publications contain brief texts that outline the main points only (summaries). If requested, these texts can be further expanded to create a more detailed publication on the subject.

To receive a quote, please contact me directly. The rates vary depending on the type and duration of usage required, and discounts are available for purchasing multiple publications.


I will email you an invoice that includes a link to PayPal. You can make your payment using either your PayPal account or your credit or debit card. After I receive notification from PayPal that payment has been made, I will process your order. Paying by PayPal invoice is easy, fast, and secure. It also keeps your payment information private. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use this payment method.

I also accept Revolut payments via bank transfer.

Exclusivity (Rights Managed License) of the images/video/music (if available) in the publication

Exclusivity (Rights Managed License) -> My images/video/music (if available) are targeted towards high-end buyers and are exclusively available on this site. They have never been distributed royalty-free. All of my image licenses are rights-managed, ensuring limited exposure for each image.


I can deliver files via FTP, WeTransfer (https://wetransfer.com), or other methods. In most cases, I can provide a quote quickly and deliver your files immediately. However, if I am out of the office, I may not be able to promptly respond to your request.

Uses of the images in the publication

I license images for any use, including advertising, corporate promotions, editorial illustrations in magazines and books, web and media content, presentations, decor, and retail products. You are solely responsible for how the images are used and determining whether additional permissions are required.

The digital files

All images are available as high-quality digital files. Available sizes range from low-resolution to high-resolution, including original size resolution digital files: Web (500 pixels); Web - Large (1000 pixels); Small (1500 pixels); Medium (3000 pixels); Large (7728 pixels); or the original size. Unless specified otherwise, the images are transmitted in Adobe RGB and saved as high-quality JPEG files.

Digital services

I provide all necessary digital services for free. Upon request, I can resize, crop, profile, and sharpen files so that they are ready to use at no extra charge.

Credit (mandatory for editorial uses)

Credit (mandatory for editorial uses): © Pavel Gospodinov/http://pavelgospodinov.com. The credit must appear on the same page as the photograph(s), except for covers and textbooks, where credit may be given on a separate page. If licensed for web use, the credit must link to http://pavelgospodinov.com.


I do not have any model, property, or other releases. The client indemnifies Pavel Gospodinov against any liabilities and expenses arising from unauthorized uses.

Copyright notice and Terms of Use

Pavel Gospodinov holds the copyright to all photographs and text on this site, unless mentioned otherwise. None of the images are within the public domain. Images may be used for free without requesting permission in the following cases: sample, design, test, or layout use with no public display. All-volunteer organizations may obtain a free license after approval by email. All others will need a paid license.