Purchasing a Story or Publication

Purchasing a Story or Publication

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Destinations: Pakistan ◦◦ India ◦◦Turkey ◦◦ Egypt ◦◦ Bulgaria ◦◦ Mongolia ◦◦ Bangladesh ◦◦ Jordan ◦◦ Russia ◦◦ Turkmenistan ◦◦ Iran ◦◦ Kazakhstan ◦◦ Japan ◦◦ Hong Kong ◦◦ Greece ◦◦ Ukraine ◦◦ Syria ◦◦ Morocco ◦◦ Italy ◦◦ Mauritania ◦◦ Oman ◦◦ Algeria ◦◦ Faroe Islands ◦◦ Indonesia ◦◦ Uzbekistan ◦◦ Ghana ◦◦ Togo

Type: Photo stories ◦◦ Places ◦◦ Documentary ◦◦ Black and White ◦◦ Limited Edition Fine Art Prints ◦◦ Unlimited Edition Fine Art Prints ◦◦ Seascapes ◦◦ Urban ◦◦ Thousand Voyages Video Collection

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If you find a link to "Purchasing a Story or Publication" on a page within this website, it means that the publication is for sale as a single unit. This includes the text, photos, videos, or music (if available) as one full publication that you can use on your website, magazine (print or online), or other platforms.

Note: Some publications contain brief texts that outline the main points only (summaries). If requested, these texts can be further expanded to create a more detailed publication on the subject.

To receive a quote, please contact me directly. The rates vary depending on the type and duration of usage required, and discounts are available for purchasing multiple publications.

Exclusivity (Rights Managed License) of the images/video/music (if available) in the publication
Uses of the images in the publication
The digital files
Digital services
Credit (mandatory for editorial uses)
Copyright notice and Terms of Use

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