Thousand Voyages Video - FAQ

Thousand Voyages Video - FAQ

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Destinations: Pakistan ◦◦ India ◦◦Turkey ◦◦ Egypt ◦◦ Bulgaria ◦◦ Mongolia ◦◦ Bangladesh ◦◦ Jordan ◦◦ Russia ◦◦ Turkmenistan ◦◦ Iran ◦◦ Kazakhstan ◦◦ Japan ◦◦ Hong Kong ◦◦ Greece ◦◦ Ukraine ◦◦ Syria ◦◦ Morocco ◦◦ Italy ◦◦ Mauritania ◦◦ Oman ◦◦ Algeria ◦◦ Faroe Islands ◦◦ Indonesia

The Thousand Voyages Video Collection offers rights-managed stock footage that showcases documentary-style stories of interesting places in hard-to-reach locations, as well as rare scenes and events.

Type of footage: The collection features unique media content in the form of documentary-style footage that highlights intriguing locations and rare scenes.

Resolution: The footage is available in contemporary 4K and HD formats, providing a visually stunning experience on displays of any size.

Licensing: The footage is distributed as RM (Rights Managed) content, and the licensing fees are determined based on factors such as the type of use, territory, duration, and distribution media. Licensing options include pricing by second, by minute, or by clip.

The collection offers entire clips, usually 5-6 minutes in length, or individual parts of those clips as separate footage. The separate footage typically ranges from 10 to 60 seconds. If you wish to make a purchase, please specify whether you want the entire clip or specific parts of it.

Please note that the footage is not licensed for non-commercial purposes, such as private use or zero-budget productions. I do not offer Royalty-Free pricing or unlimited use.

What you will receive: The video footage will be provided in .mov format. If you have any preferences regarding the format, please let me know.

Exclusive Rights: Yes, we do sell exclusive rights. For more details, please contact me directly.

What is free: You are free to embed my online clips from Vimeo in social networks, non-commercial websites, and personal blogs. However, please ensure that the video is hosted on my Vimeo account.

Please do not:

  • Edit or adapt videos without my permission, even for non-commercial purposes or home-made YouTube clips. No derivatives.
  • Upload videos to other online services or duplicate them on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Stream videos in public places.