Thousand Voyages Guided Tours

Thousand Voyages Guided Tours

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Destinations: Pakistan ◦◦ India ◦◦Turkey ◦◦ Egypt ◦◦ Bulgaria ◦◦ Mongolia ◦◦ Bangladesh ◦◦ Jordan ◦◦ Russia ◦◦ Turkmenistan ◦◦ Iran ◦◦ Kazakhstan ◦◦ Japan ◦◦ Hong Kong ◦◦ Greece ◦◦ Ukraine ◦◦ Syria ◦◦ Morocco ◦◦ Italy ◦◦ Mauritania ◦◦ Oman ◦◦ Algeria ◦◦ Faroe Islands ◦◦ Indonesia ◦◦ Uzbekistan ◦◦ Ghana ◦◦ Togo

These are small group tours, with a maximum of 6-10 people, that I organize to unusual and remote destinations where mass tourism is still in its infancy or does not exist. These places and regions are often overlooked by tourists but are very interesting, offering unique experiences, culture, and knowledge. I design all of the tours and itineraries based on my personal travel experience and local knowledge. The emphasis is on the word "local" - local culture, the local way of life, and meeting the locals. We also visit exciting monuments, museums, and archaeological sites because they help us understand the context and get closer to the area or region. These tours reflect my personal travel style - I always aim to get as close to the locals as possible, explore the area in detail, and spend enough time to truly immerse myself in the place.

Who leads the tours

I, Pavel Gospodinov, am the leader of these tours. As the author, I take full responsibility for them. Additionally, I use local guides who I know personally, have traveled with, or who have been recommended by travelers, friends, and colleagues that I trust completely. Having reliable local support on the ground is essential for a successful trip!

What about the accommodation?

When traveling, I typically opt for standard accommodations, such as three-star hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, or even homestays when possible. Luxurious four or five-star hotels are not the primary focus of this type of travel. However, I believe proper accommodation is crucial for getting adequate rest.

What do you eat?

Food is an essential aspect of these tours. We always try local cuisine and use local ingredients when possible. Often, these tours become a culinary adventure.


Health and safety are a priority. While I do not practice medicine regularly, I hold a degree in medicine (MD) and use that knowledge to ensure the safety of our clients.

As the travel agency "Thousand Voyages" Ltd is registered in Bulgaria (EU), it is required to have liability insurance. We also offer personal travel and health insurance services depending on the chosen destination. Our insurance options vary, so please contact us to learn more.

Do these tours require getting out of the comfort zone?

The primary purpose of these programs is not to push you out of your comfort zone at any cost. They are not designed for people who are looking for extreme experiences. That being said, there may be moments when we step outside our comfort zones (such as sleeping in yurts or being escorted by police in Pakistan), but only when necessary to reach a particular destination or have an unusual experience. We do not engage in extreme activities simply for the sake of doing so. As a tour leader, I assess the risks and take concrete circumstances and specific situations into consideration.

Booking/Payment/Cancellation/Travel Documents?

All payments and paperwork will be handled by my travel agency, "Thousand Voyages" Ltd. Please contact me for more information. We accept standard bank transfers (Revolut Business) as well as payments via PayPal.

Do you help with visas?

Visa requirements are subject to frequent change. Once you contact us regarding a tour, we will provide you with reliable information about visa requirements. We work with services such as iVisa or VisaHQ, who can assist you in obtaining the necessary visas. In some cases, we can also provide visa support.

Can you book flights?

Yes, we do!

Will we have time for taking pictures?

Travel and documentary photography is my great passion.

Although these tours are not photography workshops, we will spend time taking photos. I am happy to share my knowledge and photography techniques and take extra time for photo sessions, especially in spectacular locations with great photo opportunities. After each tour, I will share the images taken during the tour with all participants. Please find out more about my photography here.