Thousand Voyages Guided Tours

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Destinations/Places: Pakistan ◦◦Turkey ◦◦ Egypt ◦◦ Bulgaria ◦◦ Mongolia ◦◦ Bangladesh ◦◦ Jordan ◦◦ Russia ◦◦ Turkmenistan ◦◦ Iran ◦◦ Kazakhstan

These are small group tours (max. 6-8 people), which I organise to unusual, remote destinations where mass tourism is still in its infancy or does not exist. These are places and regions usually overlooked by tourists, which are extremely interesting, offering unusual experiences, culture, and knowledge. I design all these tours and itineraries based on my personal travel experience and local knowledge. The emphasis is on the word "local" - local culture, the local way of life, meeting the locals, etc. We also visit exciting monuments, museums, and archaeological sites because they help us understand the context and thus getting closer to the area or region. These tours are very similar to my travel style - I always want to get as close to the locals as possible, explore the area in detail and spend enough time to feel the place.

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