A few minutes with the Kurdish Shepherds and their flock somewhere in southeast Turkey

A few minutes with the Kurdish Shepherds and their flock somewhere in southeast Turkey

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The story

In November 2018, our small group was traveling to Hasankeyf in southeastern Turkey when our car suddenly stopped. Ahead of us, a massive column of sheep was moving along the road, causing a traffic obstruction. We decided to get out of the car and take pictures since there was nothing else to do. The sight was truly breathtaking.


Every year, the stockbreeders embark on a challenging journey, venturing to high altitudes in search of fertile grasslands for their animals. This arduous trek can last up to 45 days, making predetermined stops along the way. These stops serve as crucial resting places for both the shepherds and their faithful horses and donkeys, providing an opportunity to find water sources in the midst of barren lands.


In the southeastern region of Turkey, these shepherds practice a unique form of pastoralism characterized by both village-based and nomadic movements.

If you are interested in Kurdish pastoralism, you may find this detailed study intriguing: Link to Study

Kurdish Shepherds and their flock somewhere in southeast Turkey

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Kurdish Shepherds and their flock