The Passu Glacier in Upper Hunza, Pakistan

The Passu Glacier in Upper Hunza, Pakistan

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About the place

In 2019 we did a very interesting two and a half hour hike from the village of Ghulkin in Upper Hunza to Lake Borith, passing the Ghulkin Glacier. This was in April and the ice and mud were partially frozen, so good for hiking. In July 2022, the same glacier looked quite different - soft with large cracks, making it impossible to repeat the hike.


That was the reason to go to the so-called White Glacier (about 30 min by car from the hotel near Lake Borith), which is actually the famous Passu Glacier. The hike there is not over ice and mud, but along a not very steep steep path overlooking a large gorge where the glacier is located. The panoramas are incredible and breathtaking.

If you are in the Borith Lake area, this hike might be the right choice as it is just as spectacular as the hike on Ghulkin Glacier and you do not have to walk over ice and mud, which can be very unpredictable. The hike is easy, taking about hour and a half or two hours if you spend more time enjoying the spectacular scenery.


Passu Glacier is situated in the south side of Passu village. Passu Peak is situated in the back side of the glacier. This glacier is linked with Batura Glacier and many other glaciers in Batura Muztagh mountain range.

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