Tsagaan Suvarga in Gobi desert, Mongolia

Tsagaan Suvarga in Gobi desert, Mongolia

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The place

Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupa) is a limestone rock formation and a rocky area in the Gobi desert of southern Mongolia. We stayed there for about three hours, but I would recommend spending at least two days. The dusks and dawns must be especially beautiful at this spot. Local people consider the White Stupa to be a sacred place.


The site is similar to Bayanzag, but more vibrant. Visitors usually take a stroll along the cliff edge, then proceed through the valley. There are plenty of photo opportunities, as evidenced by the photo gallery.


The formation of the cliffs began millions of years ago, when the whole Dundgovi Province was the bottom of an ancient sea. Tsagaan Suvarga contains many sedimentary limestone layers and is rich in marine fossils. The cliffs stand approximately thirty meters in height, shaped strangely by the powerful winds and water erosion.


Public transportation is not available to this place. The most convenient option is to hire a guide with a car or join a tour. For more adventurous travellers, I recommend camping in the area for at least one night.


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Tsagaan Suvarga in Gobi desert, Mongolia


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