The Flaming Cliffs in the Gobi desert, Mongolia

The Flaming Cliffs in the Gobi desert, Mongolia

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The place

One of the highlights of my trip to Mongolia in 2015 was visiting the Flaming Cliffs, also known as Bayanzag. I was lucky enough to be there during stormy weather, which made the scenery absolutely dramatic. I took hundreds of photos, and it was difficult to select the best ones once I got home. However, here is my selection, which I hope gives you an idea of the place.


The region is known for yielding the first discovery of dinosaur eggs, but that is just one of the many interesting aspects of this site. Its unique geological formations have also provided insight into the ancient environment of the Gobi Desert. In addition, the site has been the subject of many archaeological digs, uncovering not only dinosaur fossils but also the remains of extinct mammals and plants.


It is important to note that removing fossils from the Flaming Cliffs site without the appropriate permits is illegal. This is to ensure that the site is preserved for future generations to learn from and enjoy. In addition, the Mongolian government has taken steps to protect the area, including designating it as a national monument and setting up a museum to display some of the most significant finds from the site. Overall, the Flaming Cliffs/Bayanzag region is an incredibly important and fascinating area for anyone interested in paleontology, geology, or even just natural history in general.


The Flaming Cliffs

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