Tidjikja, Mauritania - a charming place in the middle of nowhere

Tidjikja, Mauritania - a charming place in the middle of nowhere

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The story

In the evening, we finally arrived at Tidjikja, a small and isolated town located in the heart of the Tagant region of central Mauritania. After a long and tiring journey, we were relieved to arrive at the hotel. However, the hotel itself was quite poor and the food was not very exciting, but we were too tired to care.

The next day, we decided to explore the town. I couldn't help but notice the palm trees and vernacular architecture for which the town was famous. Then we met a European-looking man who exchanged a few words with us before continuing on his way. It was a strange encounter, but it added to the mystery of the place.


Despite its remote location, I found myself drawn to the charm of Tidjikja. I was intrigued to learn that it was the birthplace of Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Louly, who had served as President.

There is an airport located at the end of the street we were walking on. Most probably, the best way to reach this place is by air. While there are bush taxis and buses available, I believe that having your own vehicle with a local driver would be the best option.


As we continued to explore the village, I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe at the beauty of this wild and isolated place.

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Tidjikja, Mauritania

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