Mauritania's Sahara Desert Villages

Mauritania's Sahara Desert Villages

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The story

The country of Mauritania lies in the vast expanse of the Sahara desert, characterized by stunning natural beauty - vast sand dunes and a nomadic way of life. However, for those living in remote villages, poverty is an everyday reality.

The harsh desert climate, coupled with a lack of basic necessities such as water, electricity, and healthcare, make life in these villages an uphill battle.

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In February 2023, I traveled through the country with a few friends. I was struck by the sharp contrast between the magical nature and the dramatic poverty in populated areas. The poverty in the villages is not solely due to the harsh climate. Societies have different levels of development, with some more advanced than others. History does not move forward and upward, but in a wave-like fashion, with one society thriving while another is in decline. Mesopotamia, the cradle of ancient civilization, is a prime example of this. Today, the region in modern-day Iraq is sinking in poverty, corruption, and backwardness. Palmyra in Syria, once a symbol of the highest form of civilization, was until a few years ago the scene of public beheadings on the ancient theater stage organized by ISIS fighters.


Although non-governmental organizations are operating in the region in an effort to alleviate the situation of the people, real change will not occur until local communities themselves take the initiative to move forward and upward.

We can only observe this reality.

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Mauritania's Sahara Desert Villages

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