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We want to thank you, Pavel, for taking us to one of the most exciting corners of the world (Pakistan)! Everything was great! Additionally, maybe that was one of the most incredible groups we have ever travelled with. You are great Pavka (Pavel)! We will do something together again! Desislava Gaydarova

Thank you, Pavka (Pavel), for the beautiful photos and the excellent tour (Pakistan, Hunza Valley)! Everything was beautiful and magical! Except for the terrible road (Karakoram Highway) everything else in Pakistan and Hunza Valley was perfect. I am also thankful for the great group and the beautiful moments we had together. Hunza is amazing and I think more tourists should enjoy this incredible part of the world like we did.

I have travelled a lot, and perhaps that is why I am always critical when it comes to the organization and quality of an organized tour by a tour agency. I recently travelled with "Thousand Voyages" Ltd to Turkey during the total lockdown due to Covid 19 and Ramadan (Mau 2021). Because of the unusual circumstances, it was a challenge to organize a trip under such conditions. I sincerely congratulate Pavel Gospodinov, the travel agency owner, for his commitment, for the ability not to show the difficulties he is going through and his diligence during the tour! During the preparation of the tour, I received a lot of valuable up-to-date information. This fact speaks of a high level of professionalism and desire to create conditions for a pleasant trip for the tourist. I sincerely recommend the services of the agency "Thousand Voyages" Ltd. I am sure that you will not be disappointed! Anna Draganova

I am not very good at writing reviews, but I definitely want you to know that the tour to southeast Turkey was a great and delightful experience. Thank you very much! Despite the Covid pandemic, You put enormous efforts to organise everything for us, making sure we are safe and happy! I've met many friendly people on this tour who shared incredible stories! We had a wonderful time together. Thank you again! I wish you good health, many successful trips with great guests and travellers. I am looking forward to meeting you and your team again on the road. Krassimir Arabov

The tour to the southeast of Turkey, organized by the travel company "Thousand Voyages", was very carefully prepared. There were many pleasant surprises, with visits to places that were not in the program. Pavel took care of each member of the group. We felt well taken care of from the beginning to the end! We knew it was not the usual destination, so we appreciated all the efforts. I hope to participate in more trips organized by Thousand Voyages. I wish you good health and many new exciting trips. Zoya Ivanova

Thank you for making this tour to southeastern Turkey happen despite all the obstacles. The organization was excellent. You and Emo were terrific, providing the best possible services to all of us during this extraordinary trip. I hope to see you soon and to able to travel with you again! Anelia Kirova

I want to thank you (Pavel) for the beautiful trip to Southeast Turkey. We visited many holy sites, which I was very interested in. I was especially pleased with the acquaintances with the local people and very happy with all the new experiences I had during this extraordinary tour. I highly recommend it. I thank "Thousand Voyages" Ltd from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of it! Thank you again for the unforgettable experience! Stoyna Milorieva

Iceland seems to have come out of the fairy tale written by a gifted storyteller or artist. I liked the black beach with the extraordinary and weirdly shaped rocks. The sound of the waterfalls still rings in my ears. The whale watching tour was also a unique experience. Pavel and the "Thousand Voyages" travel company organized our Iceland tour perfectly! I was concerned about using shared bathrooms and toilets, but we had no problem with that. The places that Pavel had chosen were spotless, cosy and equipped with everything needed. I would also like to thank the driver Emil - a very good boy, always willing to help. I highly recommend this Iceland tour to anyone who loves nordic nature and culture. Penka Zhekova, Veliko Tarnovo

Pavel Gospodinov had organized our trip to Iceland in the best possible way. He had selected the most exciting places, which we were able to see in just six days. On behalf of the whole group, I would like to thank Pavel and Emil, the driver. We would travel again with Pavel's agency and his team. We have recommended it to our friends. Thank you very much once again! Dimitar Chakarov, Shumen

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