Sufi dervish whirls during the Dhamaal ceremony at the Lal shrine in Sehwan, Pakistan

Sufi dervish whirls during the Dhamaal ceremony at the Lal shrine in Sehwan, Pakistan

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Sehwan, Pakistan; 27 November 2019; The Dhamaal ceremony at the Lal shrine in Sehwan, Pakistan is a mesmerizing spectacle that showcases the Sufi dervishes whirling in a state of trance. It is a profound spiritual experience where the dervishes seek to connect with the divine. The trance-like whirling of the dervishes is said to represent the movement of the planets and stars, a symbol of the cosmic dance of life. The intricate movements of the dervishes, accompanied by the rhythmic beats of the drums and the chanting of the devotees, create an immersive atmosphere that transports the spectators to a different realm. It is a beautiful expression of the Sufi tradition, which emphasizes the importance of spiritual purification and the attainment of inner peace.


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