Lahore Royal Trail (Shahi Guzargah)

Lahore Royal Trail (Shahi Guzargah)

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About the Royal Trail (Shahi Guzargah)

I have had the opportunity to visit Lahore on three separate occasions, and each time has been an incredible experience filled with new discoveries. One particular highlight of the city that I highly recommend is the Royal Trail (Shahi Guzargah) - a historic pathway that stretches from Delhi Gate to the Lahore Fort. This trail was once traversed by the great Mughal Emperors as they made their way from Delhi to Lahore. Along the Royal Trail, you will encounter numerous architectural wonders, such as the Shahi Hamam Turkish Bath, the magnificent Wazir Khan Mosque, the Sonehri (Golden) Mosque, and even the tomb of Malik Ayaz, a prominent Mughal governor of Lahore.


The Delhi Gate

The "Delhi Gate" served as a significant entrance along the road connecting Lahore to Delhi during the Mughal era. While the original gate was constructed during that time, the present-day Chitta Gate was built by the British in the 19th century, located slightly further east from the "old Delhi Gate."


The stretch of street that leads from Delhi Gate to the Wazir Khan Mosque

One of the most fascinating segments of the Royal Trail (Shahi Guzargah) is the stretch of street that leads from Delhi Gate to the Wazir Khan Mosque, continuing on to Shah Alam Market and Suha Bazaar. Shah Alam Market boasts over 25 bustling bazaars, including the famous Pappar Mandi, Rang Mahal, Bottle Bazaar, and Sarafa Bazaar.

From Delhi Gate to the Wazir Khan Mosque

The Wazir Khan mosque

Every time I visit Wazir Khan Mosque, it is always under construction, making it quite difficult to take good photos. The Wazir Khan mosque is unquestionably the most stunning mosque of the Mughal era. It is renowned for its beautiful and intricate tile work and fresco paintings. Built in the typical Mughal style, it features a relatively small prayer hall and a large courtyard.

The Wazir Khan mosque

The Shahi Hamam, also known as Wazir Khan Hamam

One of the most well-preserved Turkish baths I have seen is the Shahi Hamam, also known as Wazir Khan Hamam. It is part of the Lahore Royal Trail (Shahi Guzargah). The Hamam consists of a total of 21 rooms. Eight of these rooms contain marble pools for fresh water baths, while another eight are designed for hot water baths. The remaining five rooms are dedicated to steam baths, following the style of Turkish baths. The Hamam was constructed by Wazir Khan in 1633 A.D., during the era of Shah Jahan.

The water in the Hamam is heated through a series of revolving brass pipes, heated by a log fire. Additionally, water flows through another set of brass pipes to generate steam.

The Shahi Hamam

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