The Gadodia Market in Old Delhi

The Gadodia Market in Old Delhi

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The place

Khari Baoli is a bustling and vibrant street located in Delhi, India that is renowned for its wholesale grocery and Asia's largest wholesale spice market. I have visited this place twice, and each time I am left stunned by the extraordinary experience. This market offers a vast array of spices, nuts, herbs, and food products such as rice and tea, making it a hub for the spice trade.


"Gadodia Market", which was built in the 1920s by wealthy merchants, is situated on the south side of Khari Baoli and is one of the numerous spice stores that can be found here. With its labyrinthine alleys and colorful storefronts, this market is a feast for the senses and is a must-visit for anyone interested in experiencing the vibrant local culture of Delhi. The market is not only a place for commerce, but also a hub of social activity where people from all walks of life gather to exchange stories and share knowledge.


The rich history of this market is evident in its architecture, which has been preserved to this day, giving visitors a glimpse into the past. Overall, Khari Baoli and its spice market are a testament to the enduring legacy of the spice trade in India and the vibrant culture that has grown around it.

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