The Hindu Street/Shankari Bazaar in old (Puran) Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Hindu Street/Shankari Bazaar in old (Puran) Dhaka, Bangladesh

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The story

I spent several hours exploring Hindu Street/Shankhari Bazaar, one of the oldest areas in Old Dhaka (Puran Dhaka). It was interesting to observe the stark contrast between Hindu and Muslim cultures, both from a religious and architectural perspective. The streets were dotted with small workshops filled with artisans crafting Hindu statues of varying sizes and styles. The area is known to be the heart of Hindu culture in Muslim Dhaka, and it was remarkable to see the mingling of the two distinct cultures. However, I couldn't help but notice the filthiness of the place. People living here in the past were notoriously unclean, leading to many fatal and incurable diseases. It was an incredible experience to witness both the beauty and the challenges of the area.


A narrow strip of brick buildings, dating back to the late Mughal or Colonial period, lines Hindu Street. Despite rampant alterations, accretion, extension, or even redevelopment over time, many still bear testimony to a rich tradition.

The Shakari people were vegetarian and followed God Vishnu and Krishna. The Shakhari men were very protective of their women and deeply religious. This is a great place to stroll and learn more about Dhaka's Hindu culture.

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The Hindu Street/Shankari Bazaar

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