Sadarghat Ship Terminal in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sadarghat Ship Terminal in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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The Sadarghat Ship Terminal in Dhaka, Bangladesh is located in the southern part of the city, on the banks of the Buriganga River. This is one of the world largest river terminals, daily servicing more than 200 large and smaller vessels. According to some sources, about 50,000 people per day use its services.

The Sadarghat means City Wharf. It stands a little left in front of the Ahsan Manzil. Sadarghat is also the central point of the Buckland Bund. Originally, it was built as a place for landing of boats, launches and even ships coming to Dhaka from other places. Large vessels can no longer use it because of shoaling up of the river bed entry and an overall downsizing of the capacity of the inland waterways.


Hundreds of boats and launches arrive at and depart from Sadarghat facilitating communication mostly with the southern districts. Barges carrying cargoes also use Sadarghat as a point of landing and departure. Sadarghat also has a floating market for fruits and vegetables. The Sadarghat has a busy terminal for steamers that carry passengers to districts and regional cities such as Khulna. Many spots of Dhaka city are connected with Sadarghat by a road parallel to the river.

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My program and itinerary in Bangladesh resulted from my month-long trip around the country. I have selected some of the most exciting places that will reveal to you the authentic beauty of this country. Bangladesh has almost no landmarks or monuments of global or even local scale. However, the whole country is one significant landmark. People travel to Bangladesh for the authenticity that still exists in most parts of the country. My tour in Bangladesh for a small group of 7/8 people