Potaya Shipyard near Chittagong, Bangladesh

Potaya Shipyard near Chittagong, Bangladesh

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The story

Potaya shipyard, Karnaphuli (Karnafuli) River, Chittagong, Bangladesh; May 11, 2013;

Boats, boat-building, and water-based communication traditions have always been rich in Bangladesh. While touring Bangladesh in 2013, I wanted to see a shipyard for new ships. I found one - Potaya Shipyard, located on the Karnaphuli riverside near Chittagong. The shipyard still uses age-old traditions, employing the same craftsmen and ancient technologies as in the past. After disembarking on the muddy shore, I found myself among about 10 small wooden ships, each in a different stage of construction.


When break time came, the men sat down to drink tea. They laughed, had fun, and teased each other. Their labor did not seem as burdensome to them as it did to me. The human body needs positivity and a good mood, just like it needs water and food. I wondered how long it would take me to get used to this job if I had to work there, and how much longer it would take for me to start smiling while working. The men finished their tea and returned to work.


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