Preparing Tea in the Tuareg Style

Preparing Tea in the Tuareg Style

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The story

During our trek in Tassili n'Ajjer (south Algeria) in April 2023, one of the most special moments was the tea ceremony performed by our guide Ali every night around the campfire.

Once upon a time, a weary traveler found herself lost in the vast expanse of the Algerian Sahara. As she trudged through the endless sand dunes, she began to lose hope of ever finding her way back to civilization.

But then, she saw a glimmer of light in the distance. With a renewed sense of hope, she followed the light until she came upon a small Tuareg camp.

The Tuareg tribespeople welcomed her with open arms and invited her to sit with them for tea. As they prepared the tea in the traditional Tuareg way, she couldn't help but feel a sense of peace wash over her.

With each cup of tea, the traveler felt her spirits lift. The bitterness of the first cup reminded her of the challenges she had faced on her journey, but also of the strength she had gained from overcoming them. The sweetness of the second cup reminded her of the love she had in her life, and the joy it brought her. And the smoothness of the third cup reminded her of the inevitability of death, but also of the beauty of life.


As she finished the third cup, the traveler felt a sense of gratitude for the Tuareg people who had welcomed her so warmly, and for the tea that had brought her peace in the midst of the vast, unforgiving Sahara. And as she said her goodbyes and continued on her journey, she carried with her the memory of the Tuareg tea ritual, and the lessons it had taught her about life, love, and death.

To prepare tea in the Tuareg style, heat water and add green tea to a teapot. Pour the hot water over and let it infuse until the grains open. Add lots of sugar to another teapot and pour the first mixture over it. Aerate the tea with a big glass until it is well foamed. Sprinkle the tea with a skilful gesture and serve in glasses filled three-quarters of the way. Drink slowly to honor the preparer and add natural mint leaves for power and freshness.

The Map of our trek in Tassili