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A photo walk and/or a tour dedicated to the monumental complexes, built by the communist regime, as a part of modern Bulgaria.

The aim of this program is to provide the participants with possibilities for shooting of remains of the communist regime in Bulgaria, insisting on their integration and relation with the modern urban landscape of Bulgaria towns and villages.

The shooting objects could be split up in the following categories:

А) Socialist industrial landscape – old active and non-active factories and plants and their surroundings. Some of these buildings and complexes are remarkable photographical objects, put in the context of the modern urban landscape.

B) Socialist collective housing construction – half–destroyed and fully destroyed old homes, public buildings with their typical large size and style. To this category we can also add the so-called ghost villages, abandoned spectral villages, situated mainly in mountain regions of the country.

С) Socialist realism – huge public buildings, generally situated in downtowns of big cities and especially in Sofia. This Stalin style of architecture is not typical for Bulgaria only, but here some of the most impressive examples could be taken. To this category belong also the monumental sculptures and memorials spread all over the country. In most of the cases, these are objects, which might be seen and shot solely in Bulgaria, which turns this photography tour unique.

Photography tours have 4 days duration (long weekend) or 1 week.

The tours long-weekend kind offer options for shooting of all described above categories within one town or villages nearby, as for instance Sofia and Kremikovtsi, Radomir, Kyustendil. During the photography tours of 1 week we will have the possibility to visit both urban places with objects of the 3 categories and mountain ghost villages, as well as some remote places with specific objects for shooting.

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